Alverno Science Inquiry Activities

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These activities are designed for use by teachers at all levels. Each of the activities is based on inquiry and discovery rather than being a "cookbook" laboratory. Students come up with their own hypotheses, test them, and evaluate their findings. We hope that these sites will help instructors by identifying systems that lend themselves to discovery activities, listing techniques that can be used to explore the systems, and suggesting methods for making a particular activity as meaningful as possible. Creation and maintenance of this web site was made possible by NSF-ILI Grant DUE 9750658. It is maintained by the Department of Biology at Alverno College.

Each activity lists the following:

In addition, sites may list other information, such as links to other sites, ways you might integrate an activity into your course, or suggestions for other activities.


Ecology and Environmental Science

Field Ecology on a Shoestring - Ideas for inexpensive ways to measure properties of the environment

Fish Physics - Make and test hypotheses about hydrodynamics and bouyancy

Nutrients and Plant Growth - Test how different variables affect the growth of duckweed

Mock Environmental Impact Statements

Soil and the Movement of Water - Use model soil columns to explore water infiltration, retention, and erosion

People and Water - Explore the physical properties of water and the relationship between humans and water

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